About Jake & Susan

Jake & Susan

Jake & I met back in May of '96.  Intrigue & instant attraction threw us into a dating relationship just two days later.  Our three years of dating was full of adventure... friendship...love..., and I had not a single doubt in my mind when Jake & I were married in July of '99.  As the anniversary of our meeting approaches almost two decades, I truly feel like I am the luckiest girl in the world!

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for nature evolved!

Visit our Yukon River Trip website to learn about our recent expedition in the Yukon during the summer of 2011, where we spent nearly 20 days floating the Yukon River on a boat we made.

The Start of our Yukon River Trip Boat

Our Finished Yukon River Trip Boat in British Columbia

Our First Night in a Hotel after our Yukon River Trip

I think this YouTube clip shows just how much fun we can still have with each other, even after spending three weeks together on a 20' x 8' boat in the wild Yukon.

Visit my Yukon River Trip blog!

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